Our Story

Like most mothers I try to make holidays extra special for my daughter. I go all out from costumes to decor. But, Christmas is epic in my household. After moving to Atlanta, I was thrilled I’d found a Black Santa for Madison’s “first real Christmas”. She was two years old and knew all about what to expect from the most magical man in the world, Santa. I was so excited to introduce her to Black Santa because I knew the power of connecting with someone that looked like who could not only bring gifts, but also instill peace, love, and joy.
My sister purchased her Christmas dress and I’d found the most princess-like shoes for her, styling her hair to match. We arrived at the site for photos with Santa and our perfect day quickly went sour. The line was terribly long. We waited 4 hours only for Madison to be disappointed that this was not the “real Santa”. She said, “real santa, you know the Banilla (vanilla) one!” 
I’d jumped through hoops all 4 years of her life to ensure she saw images that reflected her identity from dolls and books to learning materials. Madison saying Black Santa wasn’t the real Santa felt like a slap in the face. No matter what I did I could not stop the self-betrayal and hatred, perpetuating stereotypes that white people are better than Black people. From that moment on I set out to shift this narrative and launch “Santa Like Me”. Holiday gifts and products that celebrate Black culture for all ages. 
Altreneasha Ervin is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and millennial mother who knows the importance of self-love affirmation for Black and Brown youth. After years of searching high and low for holiday items (decor, pajamas, greeting cards, etc.) with a Black Santa Claus she decided to make some of her own. Altreneasha believes self-love increases self-esteem. Her mission is to teach parents, children and families how to love themselves more fiercely by curating Black images in holiday design. Seeing yourself reflected back to you changes your world. 
Value Statement
Santa Like Me is a company that embraces diversity and inclusion while celebrating the rich heritage of people of color through holiday design.